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Hot news

  • 23/04/2010 The conference about products from Dassaul Systems and MSC took place in the center "Sigma" in SUSU. In 1990s the product CATIA on the platform IBM AIX Windows (computer with RISC-processor) was made for SUSU. Today CATIA returns within university walls . The pictures one can see here... and here...
  • 22/09/2009 Stefan Habinger (Regional Sales Manager) and Helmut Mayer (Application Engineer) from Austria (WFL Milturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG) visited our department. WFL is the leader in production of complex (milling and turning) machines. There is web-cite with parameters of machines and their possibility.
  • 04-15/12/2008 - Our awards. The new page (Ru) in the website of the department is opened.

        In honour of the 65 anniversary of the MT faculty our prof. I.Y. Mirnov is assigned the rank of honourable professor SUSU (look the photo). Ministry of Education and Science rewarded the teacher V.A. Vasikin and the head of department I.A. Shchurov . Our professors: P.G. Mazein, I.Y. Mirnov, P.A. Norin, V.G. Shalamov, teachers: S.M. Novozhilov, N.V. Podshivalova, S.R. Sajfutdinov, G.A. Fedorov and colleagues: L.V. Gordeyko, I.V. Komina, G.M. Lyulina, V.M. Nechaev, V.S. Stolyarov, are awarded by commemorative medals and letters of the authorities of Chelyabinsk region and SUSU. Students of the department A.A. Belenov (gr. MT-120), M.G. Zinkevich and I.A .Ermizin (gr. МТ-284) are awarded by a figurine "the Gold MT-shnik". Our congratulations!
    - From the 1st till the 06th of July I. A. Shchurov visited the English universities of Birmingham, Aston, and the industrial companies MAZAK and Renishow. After that - companies which develope software ANSYS and DelCAM, and the technological park in Aston. - From the 16th till the 25th of August I. A. Shchurov visited the machine-tool constructing companies Arinstein, UNION, Niles in Germany, and EMCO in Austria.

The previous information

  • 06/05/2008 - In the network of national project teachers and postgraduate students of the department "Machine and cutting tools" are trained according to the CAD/CAM/CAE systems. In April the education under the system ADEM was completed. Now they are putting through the Pro/Engineer and ANSYS.
  • 16/04/2008 - In the network of national project with the companies Unimatik (Ekaterinburg) and SodikoМ (Moscow) contracts on delivery of three machine tools are concluded: the turning-milling center Mori Seiki NT 4200DCG/1000S, five-coordinate milling center Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG, electric discharge machine Sodick AQ 300 LQ. More details about these machines and their capabilities one can get to know here.
  • 17/01/2008 - The First Vice-Premier of the Russian Government D.A. Medvedev studied the small size machine that are produced in the department "Machine and cutting tools" under the guidance of professor P.G. Mazein.
  • 01/09/2007 - 28/01/2008 - The practical implementation of the national project in the network of the department "Machine and cutting tools" has begun. Within the limits of this project the classrooms 202 and 118 are repaired. The modern machines with computer control, and the up-to-date software are purchased. More details about the project implementation one can see on page "Projects". All successes and difficulties of this event can be seen here.
  • 08/02/2008 - In connection with Day of the Russian Science the head of the department is marked. The SUSU authorities presented him with the letter for work in the network of the national project.
  • 02/05/2007 - The company Autodesk invites students to take part in the projects competition fulfilled in 2D and 3D formats. The prizes are notebooks, mp3 players, training in Autodesk. The file with the application form and other details can be downloaded here (453 kB)...
  • 27/04/2007 - On the invitation of the authorized education centre of Autodesk I.A. Shchurov underwent free week training on the product Inventor 11. Now there is a second certificate of the international level user on foreign software products on the department. Besides, in April of 2007 the company Autodesk issued the certificate of the teacher on the given software product. We thank the company Autodesk and its Moscow representation and the company UralCad. One can look certificates here...
  • 20/12/2006 There was a placement of the students-graduates on the enterprises. All 100 % of the students are placed (enterprises' applications are satisfied on 33 %). The result of the placement can be looked here...
  • 22/08/2006 - According to the direction of the rector the department through the firm UralCad (Yu.V. Lysenko) got 20 working places AutoDesk INVENOR 10. Presently students can master the worldwide famous program of three-dimensional simulation. It is the third licence product of CAD on the department. Earlier (CRT, P.G. Mazein) the products PTC were given (PRO/Engineer, PRO/Desktop) and ADEM, and the department bought "Компас-3D v8" on off-budget funds. Full licence versions have larger possibilities than restricted training ones. The department uses in training process: T-Flex (given through UralCad), SpotLight, Vectory (from Consistent Software), ANSYS/ED (given through CAD-FEM). Capabilities of SPRUT-systems are examined. We thank CAD/CAM/CAE companies for free giving their programs for education of our students!

Regional news

  • - Information for schoolchildren. The organization of District and Regional Polytechnic Olympic Contests (December, 2006 - January, 2007) Official documents: the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region on holding of a regional Olympic contests for schoolchildren in 2006-2007 school year N 01-873 from 25.09.2006 see here...
  • - The regional polytechnic olympic contest was held (spring 2006), look for official results here... Olympic tasks here..., and answers here...
  • - The results of the Russian stage of a polytechnic olympic contest for schoolchildren (spring 2006) Citizens of Chelyabisk: Romanov Roman and Kamantsev Alexander got the diplomas of the 1st class; Zameshin А., Medvedev А., Karipov D. got the diplomas of the 3rd class. Our congratulations!

Department news

  • 16/04/2008. Students of the departments "Machine and cutting tools" and "Technology of mechanical engineering" visited the enterprise "Turbodetail". The record can be looked here...

  • 28/01/2008. - Sport. The engineer of the department "Machine and cutting tools" Nechaev Victor Mihajlovich participated in the local sports competitions and took the first place. The letter was given to him. Awards of our command can be looked here...

  • - Exhibition. The department "Machine and cutting tools" took part in XI Special Exhibition "Mechanical Engineering. Metal Working. Welding. Tool", organized by the Regional Exhibition Centre "SouthUralExpo" and by the Government of the Chelyabinsk region. In the network of VII Ural Industrial-Economic Week. The department organized the conference "Progressive Technologies of Mechanical Engineering". The exhibition was held on 10th - 13th April, 2007 in Chelyabinsk on 124, Artillery St. The diploma was presented according the results of the exhibition. The list of reports can be looked here or on the website of "SouthUralExpo".

  • 20/09/2006 - The second stage of university educational programs certification ended up successfully. SOME DOCUMENTS ABOUT OUR DEPARTMENT ONE CAN FIND HERE:

Urgent publications

  • Chikurov N.G. Subordinate control of electrical drives in computer PNC systems with the use of predicators (section: Control of mechatronic machine systems)// Mekhatroniks, automation, administration " №2, 2006 In the article: in PNC computer systems the synthesis of regulator for the subordinate control of electrical drives is examined concerning PNC computer systems. The data of imitating simulation and of its tests are presented.

  • Martinov G.M, Sosonkin V.L. Formalization of STEP-NC-format data: the phase of UML-model building-up (section: mechatronic machine systems)// Mekhatroniks, automation, control. №1, 2005. In the article the way of introducing the standard ISO 14649 STEP-NC, based on consecutive transformation of models and formats data in the purposes of determining the key set of program components for work with data in standard STEP-NC is suggested. The stage of data models transformation from EXPRES in UML-representation is observed.

News of science-intensive technologies

  • New version of GrafCAM 2005.
    In January, 2006 LLC "Eurasia Limited" department of program solutions development produced the next version (v.7.07.04) of the visual designing of control system GrafCAM 2005 module. The running version gives considerable number of new possibilities for users.
    Details ... >>

  • 2006-02-16 - ANSYS Inc. purchases FLUENT.
    ANSYS signs the Final Agreement on gaining Fluent; Extension of possibilities. More details... and more here... >>

  • Opening of PNC system with an operating system Windows. Company GE Fanuc Automation started the output of Is-series PNC systems - the first PNC open systems with integrated operating system Windows. The series consists of three models: Series 160 Is, Series 180 Is and Series 210. . More details... >>

  • - The International Exhibition-Congress "Mechatronics and Robotics" is announced.
    - From the 2nd till the 5th of October, 2007 PTC "Lenexpo" holds the International Exhibition-Congress "Mechatronics and Robotics" in S.-Petersburg. More details >>


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